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The Selkie

The Selkie

Oil Paint and 23kt Gold Leaf on Panel

12 x 12 x 1.5"
framed: 13.5x13.5x1.5

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Selkies are mythological beings that can shapeshift between seal and human forms by removing or putting on their seal skin. In Celtic lore, she is the wild feminine soul, a creature of land and sea, innocent and beautiful, who cannot thrive in domesticity.

In folklore, selkies are discovered by humans. Their natural, joyous spirit, grace, and affection invite contact. Humans are drawn to them, but if they touch, parting is unbearable. Many a young man, desperate to maintain the life-giving embrace of nature, steals a Selkie’s seal skin, locking her into a human form. Helpless, she is led into domesticity and motherhood. Isolated from the sea, in a role alien to her nature, the Selkie diminishes until her sealskin is reclaimed. Called home to the sea, she leaves all behind and is restored to her authentic being.

The Selkie’s story teaches us the importance of staying true to ourselves and not allowing societal pressures to define our identity or limit our potential. It reminds us to honor our wild, untamed spirit and to seek out experiences that nourish our soul and bring us joy.

We need to reclaim our power and live authentically, honoring our own unique journey and finding fulfillment in our own terms, if we are to thrive.

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