Katie O'Sullivan is a contemporary figurative painter and ceramic sculptor.  She received her BFA from Parsons School of Design in New York City.  She currently  lives and works as a professional artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Katie has always been drawn to the artistry of the human form.  Portrayed in many different styles and mediums, it has been the central part of her paintings and sculptures throughout her career.  Her work focuses on narrative and storytelling , with each new body of work giving her the opportunity to explore new ways to re-imagine the human figure.



Resurrection is the title of my current body of work. The resurrection of the divine feminine, the goddess, the witch, the wise one that lives in all of us.  The resurrection of our voice, our truth, our freedom, our soul.  Those aspects of ourselves that  have been silenced, trivialized, denied, buried.

The Sculptures in this series were the first to be created.  Majestic, fierce, and strong they stand proud in their uniqueness and feminine power.  Some are adorned with symbols of ancient magic, others bathed in lusty patinas.

The paintings are the newest exploration in my resurrection series. Rising out of sacred waters, the feminine soul is awakening from her deep sleep.  Reconnecting with nature and her ancient wisdom.  Created with oil paints and 24kt gold leaf, they are just starting out on their quest to discover their true divine nature.