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The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector

Oil Paint and 23kt Gold Leaf on Panel

16 x 8 x 2"
framed: 19x11x12

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In many cultures, bones are regarded as conduits to the wisdom of our ancestors. They represent a connection to our lineage and the collective knowledge of those who came before us. The spiritual meaning of bones is closely tied to concepts of foundational strength, resilience, and the guiding principles that shape our lives.

Bones also have a strong association with the Earth element, symbolizing grounding and stability. They remind us to stay rooted in our beliefs and values, providing a sense of spiritual grounding. By honoring our core beliefs and learning from our past, we can celebrate the resilience and strength within ourselves.

This painting invites us to explore our ancestral roots and embrace the wisdom and power that lies within us. It encourages us to connect with our wild selves and tap into the ancient magic that flows through our veins. By acknowledging and honoring our ancestral heritage, we can find guidance, strength, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


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